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NANO Hair technology

Baltic Hair presents a genuine product in beauty world – the perfect, natural "Nano Hair" extension. The result of latest technologys and hard work is 45 or 60 cm length soft, extra ordinary beautiful hair!


 Nano technology

Natural 45 and 60 cm. length Slavic hair (purchased in Lithuania) is processed using advanced thermo-technology that makes the hair look shiny and lustrous. To ensure convenient sticking the processed hair is divided up into 2 cm strips, which are later glued together using innovative keratin powder, designed in "Baltic Hair" lab. Prepared extension strands are packed in sets of 80 units. Buy our human hair extension and get beautiful, long hair you have always dreamed of!

Step by step NANO HAIR Extension:


Create a horizontal part at the bottom of the head, about 2 cm to the top of the hair line (1 pic.) and comb up 2 cm width hair strands (2 pic.). It is important to have them of the same thickness as the extension strands .

Take 2 NANO Hair strands/strips (3 pic.) and pull off the protective liner from the first strand/strip (4 pic.) .

Apply Baltic Hair powder on the sticky side of the first strand/strip (5 pic.) and start the first stage in the extention process by placing the sticky strand/strip at the part line under the client‘s strand (6 pic.)..

Apply Baltic Hair powder on the sticky side of the second strand/strip (7 pic.) and place it on top of the client‘s strand in such a way that both of NANO Hair strands could be joined together (8 pic.) . The newly created strand is heated by the Baltic Hair extension equipment (120 -180 degrees) for about 5 - 6 sec (9 pic.) .

The heated strand is fastened with the Baltic Hair grip-pliers (10 pic.) .

The newly created NANO Hair extension strand should look like this (11 pic.) .

Continue the NANO Hair extension in the same way, leaving 2 cm space among strands (12 pic.) .

Create the second horizontal part 1-2 cm above the previous one (13 pic.) , attaching the strands into the gaps of the previous line (14 pic.) .

Note: NANO Hair extension is made using the chess game method (15 pic.) .

Create the third horizontal part in the same way, leaving 1-2 cm above the previous one (16 pic.) , attaching the strands on the 3-5 lines using the chess game method (17 pic.) .

While creating the 6-7 lines, attach side hair (18 pic.) .


  • Wait 24 hours after receiving the hair extension service to wet, shampoo your hair.


  • Use Baltic Hair extension brush to make your extension last longer, look more natural and easier to manage.

  • Use Baltic Hair care products to maximize the life and shine of your hair extensions and leave your own hair and extensions, feeling silky and soft.

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